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Fully Funded Master of Public Health Scholarships

Eight European universities collaborate to deliver the European Master in Public Health | Europubhealth+ (EPH+), an innovative, integrated 2-year Master course (120 ECTS) for students wishing to engage in a public health career.

Emphasising at its core the urgent need to build sustainable health systems while addressing health inequalities, EPH+ provides multidisciplinary training delivered in a unique multicultural environment.

EPH+ is an ideal programme for acquiring the skills necessary for innovative public health professionals, leading evidence-based decision making at the local, national or global levels.

The 1st academic year is dedicated to the foundations of public health in 4 different options:

In English at the University of Sheffield (UK) or University College Dublin (Ireland), in Spanish at the University of Granada-Andalusian School of Public Health (Spain), or in French at the University of Liege (Belgium).

The 2nd year comprises taught courses, an internship of 8 to 16 weeks, the drafting and defence of a master thesis.

Students choose one of seven specialisations in specific public health disciplines:

Health Services Management (University of Granada-EASP, taught in Spanish), Spain;
Advanced Biostatistics and Epidemiology (EHESP School of Public Health, English), France;
Environmental and Occupational Health (EHESP, English), France;
Governance of Health Systems in transition (Jagiellonian University Medical College Krakow, English), Poland;
Leadership in European Public Health (Maastricht University, English), The Netherlands;
Health Law (Rennes1 University/EHESP, French), France;
Health Promotion and Prevention (EHESP, French), France.

Whatever their pathway, all EPH+ students take part throughout the year in joint web-based learning.

At the end of each academic year, students, consortium faculty and international scholars gather in Rennes (France) for a 3-week integration module, geared towards global health as well as developing crucial cross-cutting competencies and project management skills.EPH+ is aimed at students with a strong interest in applied public health.

Their academic background may be in clinical disciplines (medicine, nursing, pharmacy), social sciences (sociology, economics), law, management or technical expertise.

Integrating these disciplines, EPH+ skills-up the best students seeking to tackle contemporary global health challenges.

This includes leading technological and organisational innovation, ensuring implementation of policies and programmes consistent with laws and regulations, responding to the burdens of chronic conditions, containing threats such as environmental incidents or emerging infections, and managing an ageing population.

Specific requirements in language proficiency apply to each pathway.

Successful EPH+ graduates will receive a double degree (2 national degrees delivered by Year 1 and Year 2 institutions), an EPH+ Joint Certificate and a Joint Diploma Supplement.

Fully Funded Master of Public Health Scholarships

For the next cohort 20 Erasmus Mundus scholarships for NON EU and 8 for EU will be available.

A full scholarship for non EU students includes:

The full tuition fees (9000€/year)
A monthly allowance for living expenses of 1000€/month
Installation fee: 1000€ (lump sum at arrival)
Travel expenses (3000€/year – lump sum)
A health insurance (value 500€/year)

A full scholarship for EU students includes :

The full tuition fees (4000€/year)
A monthly allowance for living expenses of 1000€/month
Travel costs : 1000€/year
A health insurance 500€/year

Consortium Scholarships

The consortium offers scholarships for EU and NON EU candidates applying for the course. The number (3-4/intake) and amount of scholarships will be fixed according to the fund availability.
It will be distributed according to the candidate CV’s quality and their motivation.
A full scholarship is not given. We prefer to give partial scholarships to several students instead of full ones to only a few.

The Consortium scholarship may include (one or two of the following, not all):

• Tuition fees (up to 9000€ / year, valid for 2 years).

• Free Health insurance.

• Travels: up to 500€.

• Monthly allocation for living and housing (200-300€/month).

Academic Scholarships

Academic Scholarships are granted to excellent applicants.

These scholarships will cover a part of tuition fees and about 500€ / month for EU students and 850€ / month for non EU students

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