8 Things Men Like In Women More Than Beautiful Face And Body

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Most men already have the thought and thinking of the woman they want in their life. Apart from beautiful faces and body, men also have other characteristics they prefer more in a woman.

There is a saying that beautiful looks attract a man, but character will determine whether a man will remain or not.

Here Are 8 Things Men Like In Women More Than Beautiful Face And Body.

1. Intelligent.

Nowadays, men loves women who are intelligent, smart and wise. Meanwhile, I am not talking about intelligence in education, but women who have high thinking capacity and women who can keep the home.

That why they say men fabricate a house and women make a home. A woman might not even have a fine body and face, but you see men coming at her door step because she has great quality to offer as a woman.

2. Industrious.

Gone are those days when women only take care of the kitchens and cook food for their men. Men now want more productive women. Women who are industrious and have ways of securing incomes for themselves.

3. A respectful woman.

There is no love without respect, men prefer women who can respect them. If you want to keep a man, learn to love him by respecting him. Men adore respecting more than beautiful faces or body.

4. Good Cooking Skills.

Men love food, and a woman who can cook very well is already one step ahead in winning a man’s heart. So as a woman, if you really want to make your man happy, improve your cooking skills, men prefer it more than a beautiful face or body.

5. Independent Woman.

Men don’t joke with such women. Gone are those days when women just sit at home and want the man to take care of all the responsibilities at home. Such a man might get tired at a point.

Learn to secure incomes on your own without 100% reliance on your man. Men prefer such women more than beautiful faces or bodies. He won’t even spare a moment leaving you for any woman.

6. Smiles.

Smiles also attract men, that why it is good for a woman to always learn to keep a smiling face no matter what. A woman who always looks sad or angry and shows it on her faces all the time will only chase men away.

Even if they want to tell you positive things, your face expression will chase them away.

7. Kindness.

Men prefer women who are kind because women who are kind are empathetic, and such women will support their man in the future if he needs help. Kindness is one of the things men prefer in a woman more than a beautiful face or body.

8. Playfulness.

Men don’t like women who are always angry all the time. They prefer playful, and happy, to women who are always happy, men see more joy in them more than those ones with beautiful faces or body.

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